The University shall primarily provide advanced education, higher technological, professional instruction and training in the fields of education, agriculture, forestry, fishery, maritime education, ecology, engineering, philosophy, information and communications technology, letters, arts and sciences, nursing, medicine and other relevant fields of study. It shall also undertake research and extension services in support of the socioeconomic development of Antique, and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.


The University shall provide quality, relevant, and responsive scientific technological and professional education and advanced training in different areas of specialization, and shall undertake research and extension services in support to socio-economic development of Antique, the Filipino nation, and the global community.


Leading University in Science and Technology by 2022.






The University should be able to:

1. Ensure that at least 30% of the faculty members are doctorate degree holders and the rest are master’s degree holders in their respective fields of specialization by 2022 in line with its vision and upgrade researchers’ and extensionists’ capability through continuous trainings and exposures;

2. Provide state-of-the art physical and instructional facilities;

3. Re-align curricular offerings preferably towards science and technology-based courses;

4. Achieve at least level 3 accreditation status in all programs;

5. Publish researches in national and international refereed journals;

6. Strengthen national and international linkages with public and private institutions;

7. Formulate and implement investment plans for financial sustainability;

8. Collaborate with funding agencies for resource generation;

9. Conduct periodic management review for quality delivery of service to the stakeholders.